6 Popular Travel Destinations Every Food Lover Must Visit in 2023


When you’re traveling, food isn’t just a treat for your taste buds. Food from different places reflects the rich culture and the people. So, apart from the architecture, food is something that sets different places apart from each other. For instance, Pigeon Forge is a popular tourist destination attracting food lovers from all over the world. 

If you’re a food enthusiast, you would want to try out the foods from different parts of the world. And if you’re also a travel enthusiast, you probably desire to visit renowned places and try out the local cuisines. If you’re new to traveling, here are the must-visit places for you and their unique food offerings:

1. Bangkok, Thailand 

If you’re a food lover, you must have tried Thai food. But when you go to Thailand, you get to try the rich Thai dishes and learn how they should be eaten. And there’s so much variety in the cuisines that you’ll never get bored, even on a month-long trip. Bangkok is home to Michelin-star restaurants, street vendors, and even night markets where you can find mangosteens, Kaeng lueang, khao soi, and Pad Thai. 

Bangkok even has a Chatuchak market that offers food only on the weekends. There’s a Chinatown market where you’ll find Guay Teow and the popular Tom Yum Goong. 

2. Tennessee, US

If you’re a food enthusiast, visit Tennessee because the food scene in this state is unmatched. For instance, in Pigeon Forge, you can relish delectable barbeque, Southern catfish, corn chowder, and mouthwatering pancakes. But most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy ice cream in Pigeon Forge, as the city offers some of the best creamy delights in the country.

In Memphis, you’ll find barbequed items you’ll never find anywhere else. It is one of the two cities in the US that are called the barbeque capitals of the world. You might also want to try pulled pork sandwiches from different stalls and restaurants. 

Don’t forget to stop at Nashville for its famous hot chicken. The marinated and pepper-coated chicken even beats the fried chicken from Kentucky. 

3. Delhi, India 

Delhi is the food capital of India. You’ll find so many street vendors at every corner of the city that you’ll lose track of time (and appetite) once you start trying them out. Delhi’s butter chicken with naan bread is so delectable that you’ll crave it every time you plan for dinner. 

For snacks, samosas, fried momos, and jalebi will leave you amazed by how the different tastes form an explosion in your mouth and mind. Don’t forget to try the kebabs and the biryani varieties from different restaurants and stalls while you’re at it. Although, you’d want to stick to street vendors for that authentic Indian experience. 

4. Tuscany, Italy 

If you think you’ve tried Italian food in the local restaurants, you wouldn’t be more wrong. Unless you go to Italy, you’ll never get to know the authentic pizza taste or the taste that made pasta so famous worldwide. 

In Tuscany, the food game is different. You might have had homemade pasta or pasta made in Michelin-star restaurants, but it cannot beat the experience of eating pasta on a terrace while looking over vineyards. Combine this with some authentic Italian wine, and you are transported to a world you wouldn’t want to return from. 

With no shortage of tours around vineyards where you can taste wine, you’ll be quite busy on your tour to Italy. On top of this, Montepulciano is also a little hilltop town that offers amazing tastings and picturesque tours. While in Italy, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Naples, which has the oldest pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, and L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which is the best-rated pizza place in the world. 

5. Paris, France 

When you plan your trip to Paris, the highlight might be the Eiffel Tower. Besides, Paris is the city of love. However, if you’re a food lover, you’ll know that Paris is much more than its signature Eiffel Tower. It is a food paradise for those who love simple yet delectable meals. 

You might have tried croissants from a bakery near your hometown, but when you bite into a croissant baked by a French baker in Paris, the crunchy exterior and the butter taste will give you an experience you’ve never known before. If you’re experimental, try the frog’s legs and the escargot many restaurants in the city offers. 

Make sure that you check out the local street vendors and food markets for the most delicious crepes, onion soups, and of course, cheese. With more than 246 varieties, you can spend each morning spreading cheese on your baguette without repeating the same taste. 

If you’re in France, you better not miss the wine tastings in Bordeaux. You can pair some bold-tasting wine with delicious duck confit and foie gras. You wouldn’t want to return from your trip once you taste the signature black truffles in Bordeaux. 

6. Seoul, South Korea

With the Korean media industry on a roll, many people who don’t even travel know about the local cuisines and best-tasting dishes. If you get a chance to visit South Korea, don’t miss it. The local South Korean food spots don’t do justice to the authentic Korean taste and experience. 

While you’re in South Korea, make sure you try, Bibimbap, Hoeddeok, Kimchi, and Japchae. You can even bring Kimchi as a food souvenir for your friends and family to share the experience you had in the city. Since it’s well-preserved, it can be stored in the fridge for 3-6 months. 

Final Words

If you’re a food traveler, make sure that you try the local US cuisines before you head out to other countries. It will enrich your experience because you’ll try the different variants of the same popular foods as ice cream and fried chicken, before you delve into foods to treat your tastebuds to new tastes. What’s best is that the United States is popular for having some of the most delicious cuisines and top-notch restaurants from around the globe. So, a trip around the country will leave your tastebuds in awe.